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For many years, degreasers have been formulated with ingredients that pose serious considerations with respect to worker exposure and the environment. These products are frequently blended with strong alkalis and solvents in order to enhance their efficiency in cleaning oily or greasy soils. While effective, these formulations have been and will continue to be the cause of worker injury in the form of skin complications or eye damage. Additionally, their use adversely impacts air quality as a result of volatile solvents which can evaporate into the atmosphere.

From a safety standpoint, these products pose potential liabilities for the employer and risk to the worker. In many areas of the country their ingredients have been targeted or restricted by legislation. For these reasons, local, state, and federal agencies are moving aggressively to promote replacing the old chemicals with newer and more "friendly” choices for chemical manufacturers.

But how?

We believed that with the ever-growing trend in "green” chemistries, remarkable performance benefits can be achieved, worker exposure considerations can be minimized, and air quality results can be improved for all.


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What People Say

"I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what you and your product "L-44 ECD Degreaser" has, and will continue to do for our industry. Speaking for most of our industry when I say, anything we can do to protect our people and the environment by using your product gives us great pride. We have been using L-44® ECD for some time now and are very pleased with the results as well as its safety for our employees and our rivers. Our leaders at SCF Marine strive to keep our employees safe and out of danger on every level and with products like L-44® it makes our job much easier. Keep up the great work and thank you for your commitment on keeping our environment and employees at the top of your list."

Bart Freeman, Purchasing Manager, SCF Marine