"VALUE” is defined in many ways, but when used to define a diesel engine degreaser it typically refers to a cost/performance judgment. Frequently, in the process of choosing a degreaser, only these two factors are considered. Cost and performance can be quickly and easily determined. If two products do the same job, why choose the one that costs more?

On the other hand, "value” can relate to other advantages which may offer significant features to a buyer. In a cost/performance approach, sometimes meaningful features are hidden, masked, or simply overlooked. If a buyer’s consideration includes an understanding of all product features, it may result in a process for a "better choice”. Our understanding of the word value simply refers to all that any product brings to the table; a simple method to determine product worth.

As we all know, price has little to do with quality. There are certain rules that always apply when buying anything. Paying a little and getting a lot is never quite possible, and typically as price goes down associated risks go up. While spending more offers no guarantee, an understanding of a product’s "total” value helps insure the best economy and benefits for the buyer.

What are the "Values” of L-44® ECD Degreaser?


”SAFETY” as it applies to the "L-44® ” trademark represents all considerations encountered with its use. The greatest value in its safety features centers on a designed respect for workers and our environment! No one disputes the value of concerns for our land, our waters, and the air we breathe. An even more important concern is to insure the well being of people who may be exposed through contact during the course of their work. These two goals were at the heart of our company’s design and development of L-44® ECD.

From over six months of evaluations in "on board” engine degreasing applications, a final formulation was presented to the United States Environmental Protection Agency for review under their "Safer Choice". This program requires critical laboratory certifications and specific toxicology studies for any submitted product. After a detailed and lengthily review, we are happy to relay the EPA officially approved L-44® ECD Degreaser and extended our company a "Recognized Partnership Agreement”.

"SUBSTANTIATION” of our product advantages for environmental and human health concerns is demonstrated by our company’s awarded right for use of the "U.S. EPA/Safer Choice” logo on our product label and literature; a recognition which confirms "L-44® ECD” as being "Safer for the People and the Planet”.

We are proud our L-44®products bear the "U.S. EPA/Safer Choice” Label.


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What People Say

"I have been using degreasers for many years and have never had the quality of degreaser that I am now using with the L-44® ECD. It reduces the amount of time I have to spend in the engine room cleaning which allows me more time to concentrate on my other duties. The younger generation of engineers are going to be spoiled by using a higher quality of degreaser than we had to use in the past. They will spend less time cleaning and no burning or skin irritation when it comes in contact with your skin.”

Rick Myers, Chief Engineer , M/V Twyla Luhr