L-44® ECDB Degreaser:

Verified for worker and environmental safety


Important Addition to Product Line


In 2008, when our "safety in chemical formulations” project for marine applications first began, it was an uphill learning curve to fully understand the many required steps and compliances we were facing. In addition, due to the regulations with which marine and river operations must comply, it became an obvious goal to develop products that could be "verified for worker and environmental Safety”. Not only must the formulation provide the best possible cleaning efficiencies, but the real essence of our goal was to "substantiate and verify” these advantages through "independent and outside qualified agencies”. As you know, we chose to submit our product for recognition under the U. S. EPA’s "Design for Environment Program”. At the time of our initial submission, EPA had yet to completely finalize their screens to assess the toxicities of colorants. Resultantly, when L-44® ECD was granted recognition by the EPA under their "Safer Choice Guidelines for Safer Chemistry”, the original formulation was water clear, or colorless. 


Blue Colorant Addition

To simply add a colorant to a "Recognized Product” is not an option under the provisions of the "Safer Choice Program”. In fact, this minor addition would alter the formulation granted the right to bear the "EPA/Safer Choice Logo”. Therefore, the entire formulation with the color addition was resubmitted; re-reviewed for its own toxicology profile; and then considered for recognition as a "new” product. This may seem as a redundant examination, however, it is a powerful example of the serious and critical evaluations applied to any submitted formulation. Even the normally very small additions of colorants, dyes, or fragrances are specifically studied under laboratory examinations for their compatibility with the standards of the Safer Choice criteria before the right for use of the "EPA/Safer Choice Logo” is granted. Welcome; "U.S. EPA/Safer Choice APPROVED L-44® ECDB DEGREASER”.

Purpose for the "Blue”

Originally, the performance testing was conducted with solutions of the product after dilution with nine (9) equal parts for water. This dilution ratio was established from data collected over many "in use” field trials. At even less water, the performance of oil degreasing increased but only did so at a sacrifice in costs.


The many variables encountered in oil soil deposits on diesel engines make it a "difficult task” to suggest the best dilution for use. The length of time diesel soils have been in contact with engine surfaces, and combinations with air born dirt or dust particles increases the difficulty for their removal. The obvious goal is to get the surfaces clean, but overuse of the product does not achieve the best costs in doing so. From the "in use” field trial data, we observed the best use/costs providing excellent performance results, when L-44® ECDB was diluted with nine parts of water. Because of this consistent field trial result, the 9:1 dilution was chosen for the product concentration when it was performance certified as required by the EPA. It could easily be that a stronger concentration is required to achieve the best degreasing results when an engine has not been cleaned for some time. After the initial cleaning however, much lower concentrations should provide the results you desire at a far better and more economical cost.

By dilution, L-44® ECDB’s blue color will decrease in intensity. Over time this "less blue look” will become a familiar visual indicator that the product has been properly diluted. Coincidently, our suggested 9-1 (water to product) starting dilution is equal to 1-quart of L-44® in a 2 & 1/2 gallon "Hudson” style pump sprayer.

We are happy to add our new "ECDB” version to your list of choices from the L-44®Product Line! Others soon to come! .


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What People Say

"I wanted to take a minute to thank you and Custom Compounders for putting out the L44ECD degreaser. Our crews use your degreaser on a daily basis and feel that it preforms very well. As the manager of our facility I appreciate the fact that your degreaser is user friendly, environmentally friendly, and meets or exceeds our government standards. I regularly pass the information on L44 along to others that we work with in the industry including fuel and oil suppliers.”

Karl Berthelot
Manager BMI Ste. Gen.