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What People Say

“It is my privilege to use and supply L-44® ECD on our fleet of boats and barges. L-44® has reduced our concerns with human safety as well as environmental impact with its environmental profile. We feel this product is the future for inland and offshore vessels to ensure a safe environment for our workers and the planet. L-44® has allowed us to show our commitment to safety through our company audits as well as the Tankerman Management Self-Assessment or TMSA audits that are conducted on our company by our customers. SCF Liquids strives to be the safest operators in the business and products like L-44® allow us to achieve this. Our crew members have given great feedback on its cleaning ability and has reduced the time it takes to clean their work areas. We will continue to use L-44® and promote our experiences to other companies in our industry”.

Mike Babin, Port Engineer, SCF Liquids