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A Better Eco-Friendly Outdoor Cleaner

Wish you could find an outdoor cleaner that’s safe and effective? L-44® SSC Soogee is your answer to a TRULY environmentally-friendly cleaner that works! Although designed for marine and river operations, L-44® SSC will clean any outside surfaces with superior action every time. SSC has been certified as an EPA Safer Choice and direct release product, which means no negative consequences for our waterways or wildlife, only pristine surfaces.

Scrutinized For Outside Cleaning Safety

L-44® SSC Soogee was specifically designed to clean the outside surfaces of any structures or equipment. While many of the commercial so-called “eco-friendly” cleaning products do not have any EPA certification and use the term “eco-friendly” loosely, L-44® SSC has undergone intense scrutiny by the EPA, as have all other products in our trademarked line, adhering to even more rigorous guidelines with respect to its certification for direct release into the environment.

The requirements for this recognition are a more detailed and intense examination of its chemical profile.  In some cleaning applications, cleaning solutions may be unintentionally or unavoidably spilled into the environment. While we would never suggest any chemical cleaner to be intentionally poured into our waterways, the toxicology studies completed on L-44® SSC confirm that no lasting harm results if it is discharged to land or waterways. L-44® SSC has been EPA approved for applications where such spillage may result.

Benefits of L-44® SSC Soogee

For cleaning boat surfaces and maritime equipment, autos, RVs, airplanes, and other outdoor surfaces, L-44® SSC will save you time and effort while ensuring product overrun won’t harm waterways, nearby sewers, lawns, or anything in the environment. L-44® SSC is available in cases of four 1-gallon jugs, 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, and 275-gallon totes.

  • Certified as an EPA Safer Choice and direct release product.
  • Recognized by NSF International and The Safer Choice Team for environmental and waterway safety.
  • Contains No VOC’s; No NPE’s; No Solvents; No Phosphates or Phosphorus-bearing
  • Eliminates any toxic residuals frequently encountered with other degreasers.
  • Contains no carcinogens or reproductive toxicants.
  • Specially designed to clean outside surfaces and superstructures of all marine vessels.
  • Quick and efficient – 2 to 3 minutes of direct contact cleans with remarkable results.
  • Frees-up time; get more done with less scrubbing.
  • Eliminates worker exposure injuries.
  • Non-corrosive; safe for use on plastics, fiberglass, and metals.
  • Will not attack or fade paint.
  • Eliminates toxic residuals that are common with other cleaners.
  • Not regulated – no hazmat shipping fees.

How to Use L-44® SSC

L-44® SSC Soogee was specifically designed for outside surfaces and superstructures. It is perfect for boats, airplanes, autos, manufacturing, and all other outdoor cleaning.

We suggest a starting dilution of 1 part product to 5 parts water for heavy soil, and for regularly cleaned surfaces, 1 part L-44® to 9 parts water. The 9:1 ratio is equal to 1-quart of L-44® in a 2 ½ gallon Hudson-style pump sprayer. Thorough saturation for 2-3 minutes will provide the best results, followed by a final rinse with pressurized water.

Development of L-44® SSC

The development and formulation for L-44® SSC began with a request from a river operations company particularly known and respected for their corporate focus on all issues of environmental concern. They wanted a “green” cleaner that actually worked; one they were certain was eco-friendly. From our perspective, this product – like all of our others – had to clean well with cost-efficiency and safety. A tall order without the “degreasing” agents used in our other Safer Choice products.

Never one to back down when opportunity strikes to create a safe cleaning product, we began our research and quest to create L-44® SSC. With leading external chemical experts, inside formulation evaluations, and multiple communications with our member agencies all dedicated to researching chemical alternatives for environmental safety, we formulated L-44® SSC Soogee. The EPA, NSF International, and The Safer Choice Team all confirmed final recognition and approval of L-44® SSC. You will see it carries the EPA’s Safer Choice logo which guarantees environmental safety for land, water, air, and worker safety.

Cooperative Eco-Friendly Values

We were exceptionally privileged to have been presented this opportunity from an honored member in the river operations industry. We feel the interchanges of all involved represents a perfect example of how industry, manufacturing, and regulatory agencies can and have worked together to achieve a common goal resulting in a safer approach for chemistry.

Being environmentally conscientious and striving to produce certified EPA Safer Choice products is not just a nice feature or accolade. It exemplifies the value of the process; a cooperative effort of many that results in better products, a better environment, and combined, dramatically supports a real and greater value – a better planet for us all.

Green Cleaning Just Got Easier

If you’re ready to clean with a clear conscious and get the job done with perfection, L-44® SSC will be your new favorite industrial, marine, auto, and general purpose outdoor surface cleaner. We make it easy to get started – contact us today and ask for special pricing on larger quantities and automatic reorder. 855-638-8661

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What People Say

  • “Our company enjoys a very special supplier relationship with the Henry A. Petter Supply Company of Paducah Ky. To have our L-44® products associated with this historic and respected 105 year service provider to the river and marine industry is a an enormous privilege and advantage for our company. We are humbled for our association with Petter’s known reputation in the industry”

    Henry A. Petter Supply

  • “Thanks again for the opportunity to test your L-44® degreaser in our harbor fleeting operations. I now see why you had enough confidence in your product to offer a free sample for testing. Boy, were we pleased with the results! It’s nice to see a degreaser that not only cleans well, but also one that is safe for our employees and our equipment. Thanks again for opportunity to test your degreaser.” You now have a new happy customer!

    Terry F. Ferebee
    VP Vessel Operations, Helena Marine Service, Inc.

  • “I wanted to take a minute to thank you and Custom Compounders for putting out the L44ECD degreaser. Our crews use your degreaser on a daily basis and feel that it preforms very well. As the manager of our facility I appreciate the fact that your degreaser is user friendly, environmentally friendly, and meets or exceeds our government standards. I regularly pass the information on L44 along to others that we work with in the industry including fuel and oil suppliers.”

    Karl Berthelot
    Manager BMI Ste. Gen.

  • “I have worked for Luhr Bros. Inc. for 26 yrs on the boats and in their office. I came in the office in 1996 as a Safety Manager. We have been using the “L-44 ECD” Degreaser for about 4 yrs. From my perspective as a Safety Professional, the L-44 “ECD” Degreaser we are using is better than any other degreasers we have used by far. With “L-44 ECD” Degreaser we have an environmentally safe product, and no crew members having to attend medical facilities due to being burned by direct skin contact. Also it does a great job cleaning our engines and not fading the paint job. I encourage all the river companies to give it a try.”

    Bill Klingel
    Luhr Bros Inc. Marine Division

  • “We enjoy an honored privilege for the opportunity extended our company by Joe Brantley of AEP River Operations to have L-44® ECD Degreaser evaluated as part of their corporate “Go Green” mission aboard the mv. Donna Rushing. We are uniquely indebted to AEP, and for the detailed efforts of Rob Korte and Jim Wilson for their testing reviews of L-44® ECD on multiple tugboats of the AEP fleet."

    Project Go Green

  • “I have been using degreasers for many years and have never had the quality of degreaser that I am now using with the L-44 ECD. It reduces the amount of time I have to spend in the engine room cleaning which allows me more time to concentrate on my other duties. The younger generation of engineers are going to be spoiled by using a higher quality of degreaser than we had to use in the past. They will spend less time cleaning and no burning or skin irritation when it comes in contact with your skin.”

    Rick Myers, Chief Engineer, M/V Twyla Luhr